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The interpretation of your astrology chart begins on the
following page.

You will find that the interpretation of your chart is
written in simple language, uncluttered by astrological jargon.
If a statement appears to contradict another statement, then you
exhibit these opposite qualities at different times in your
life. For example, a statement that you are highly sociable and
gregarious and a statement that you prefer solitude seemingly
contradict each other; this means that you vacillate, and need
both sociability and solitude at different times.

The astrological factor that the interpretation is based on
is also given. The astrological factor is given for the benefit
of astrologers and students of astrology. If you are not a
student of astrology, then obviously the factor will not be
meaningful to you, and you can ignore it.

If you find this interpretation of your birth chart
interesting and informative, you might want to discuss your
birth chart with a professional astrologer to learn more about
the astrological influences on your life.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

Sun 22 Cap 34 Pluto 12 Sco 17
Moon 7 Sco 17 N. Node 26 Pis 30
Mercury 5 Aqu 29 Asc. 16 Cap 59
Venus 27 Aqu 25 MC 6 Sco 04
Mars 3 Sag 16 2nd cusp 25 Aqu 51
Jupiter 21 Ari 11 3rd cusp 4 Ari 30
Saturn 26 Sag 53 5th cusp 1 Gem 16
Uranus 28 Sag 24 6th cusp 23 Gem 36
Neptune 8 Cap 15

Tropical Placidus Standard time observed
GMT: 13:14:00 Time Zone: 6 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 32 N 44 45 96 W 59 51

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction : 7 Deg 00 Min Trine : 5 Deg 00 Min
Opposition : 5 Deg 00 Min Sextile : 4 Deg 00 Min
Square : 5 Deg 00 Min Quincunx : 3 Deg 00 Min
Conjunct Asc : 3 Deg 00 Min Above, 5 Deg 00 Min Below

Chapter 1: General Characteristics

Your fundamental needs, values, and orientation towards
life are symbolized by the four astrological elements. Each
person has their own unique balance of these four basic
energies: fire (warmth, inspiration, enthusiasm), earth
(practicality, realism, material interests), air (social and
intellectual qualities), and water (emotional needs and

Your "elemental make-up" is described below. Remember that
most people are "unbalanced" or lopsided, and if you are lacking
or deficient in a certain element (or elements), it simply means
that you need to consciously develop that aspect of yourself to
learn to appreciate and/or to work harder in that dimension of

Sometimes we overvalue the element that we are least endowed
with, sensing it as a lack within ourselves, but more often we
neglect or ignore it. The qualities described below will be
reiterated and explained in more detail in the following

Your common sense and your ability to use, enjoy, and deal
effectively with the physical world are your greatest strengths.
You are down-to-earth and capable of managing practical affairs,
working, and taking care of the business of day to day living
very well. You have a strong urge to be useful and productive.
For you, the bottom line is practicality: Does it work? Is it
functional? Of what practical use is it? Theories and
speculations mean little to you unless there is some concrete
purpose, some way to use them in the real world.

You are methodical and enjoy, even thrive on, a steady
routine. Your first response to anything novel or experimental
is caution, resistance, or skepticism. Basically conservative,
you usually make the best of the status quo rather than
venturing into the unknown or making changes that could
jeopardize your security in any way. Material security is
particularly important to you and your sense of well-being is
directly linked with financial assets or knowing you have a
steady, reliable source of income. You may hold yourself back or
pass over opportunities simply because you cannot control or
know the outcome ahead of time. Patience and persistence are
your gifts, and you build your life on a firm foundation through
discipline, work, and planning.

You also have a deep affinity with the natural world, and
need to be close to the earth (gardening, camping, or working
with your hands using natural materials) in order to feel your

Astrological influences analyzed in Chapter 1:
Earth Element is Strong (F,E,A,W Scores = 9,21,8,11)

Chapter 2: How You Approach Life and How You Appear To Others

The following is a description of your basic stance towards
life, the way others see you, the way you come across, the face
you show to the world. In Chapter 3 you will read about the "The
Inner You: Your Real Motivation", which describes the kind of
person you are at heart and where your true priorities lie. Read
this chapter and the next one and compare them - there may be
significant differences between them, in which case "the inner
you" may not shine through and others are in for some surprises
when they get to know you at a more than superficial level. This
chapter describes the costume you wear, your role in life, while
Chapter 3 talks about the real person inside the costume.

Cautious, prudent, and rather self-contained, you are a
person who approaches life realistically and who is not inclined
to take foolish chances or get carried away by the overly
optimistic or idealistic schemes of starry-eyed dreamers. In
fact, you frequently have a jaundiced view of such things. You
are rather worldly-wise at a fairly young age, even something of
a cynic. Often the world doesn't seem like a safe, friendly
place to you, and you tend to approach life in a guarded,
conservative manner. You are generally calculating and careful,
and are rarely spontaneous, fluid, open, and childlike.

You are pragmatic, shrewd, and an excellent strategist,
carefully planning your moves for maximum effectiveness and
advantage. You are willing to work long and persistently for
what you want and you often do things the hard way. You do not
expect others to take care of you and sometimes refuse or simply
don't seek any outside help. You are often very ambitious, but
quietly so. There is nothing flamboyant or flashy about your
approach. You are very responsible, conscientious, and very
concerned with your duties to others and how you appear in
society, your "rank" so to speak.

To others you seem mature, serious, quiet, reflective, and
emotionally detached. You dislike sloppy sentimentality and
won't openly display your feelings, especially the softer ones.
You like to always appear poised and in control and hate to show
any weakness, vulnerability, or chinks in the armor.

You respect tradition and the time-honored way of doing
things, and you feel there is much to be gained from studying
history and also by learning from older, more experienced
people. A wise mentor or father is often your guide in life, and
you in turn develop a great deal of hard-earned wisdom which you
like to impart to younger people.

You have a stern, authoritarian, no-nonsense aspect to your
personality. You expect much from yourself and may not give
yourself enough room to experiment and make mistakes.

You also tend to be rather close-fisted, to save and
conserve your money and resources rather than spending,
enjoying, or splurging with them. You spend money on things of
quality and of lasting value, things which are good investments,
but not frivolous, temporary pleasures. There is a bit of the
ascetic in you. You have great self-discipline and self-control
and can "do without" very well. Your tastes are generally

understated and simple.

Though you may have other, more colorful and imaginative
sides, the face you show the world is modest and rather

You have a rather generous, open, broad-minded demeanor,
and you like to do things in a big way. If you do this primarily
to impress others, you will find that many people prefer to
avoid you. Even without meaning to, you can seem a bit arrogant
or preachy.

You have a big heart, are generous with your affections, and
you have a strong desire to take care of everyone around you. It
is easy for you to establish personal contacts and relationships
because of your ability to fully understand others.

You are likely to go your own way in life and have a
tendency to seclude yourself from others. Always preoccupied
with your own thoughts and ideas, you give other people the
impression that you don't want to be bothered with their

You have a dynamic personality and great ability to
improvise, but are likely to surprise, perplex or confuse people
in your surroundings constantly. Your somewhat eccentric,
impulsive and hasty actions could lead to accidents if you are
not careful.

You tend to lead a very harmonious life and live in peaceful
surroundings. Your emotions seem to play a big part in your
association with others and you base your relationships on inner
understanding between people.

Astrological influences analyzed in Chapter 2:
Capricorn Rising
Jupiter Square Asc.
Asc. Conjunct Moon/N. Node
Asc. Conjunct Mercury/Saturn
Asc. Conjunct Mercury/Uranus
Asc. Conjunct MC/N. Node

Chapter 3: The Inner You: Your Real Motivation

Many of the traits described in Chapter 2 are emphasized
again below. Do not allow yourself to become so responsible and
mature that you do not find a little time to play also.

Serious, disciplined, and quietly ambitious, you are driven
to prove yourself and to achieve material accomplishments and
success. Your work, your position in the world, and your
contributions to society are very important to you. You will
persevere through enormous hardship and frustration in order to
reach a goal you have set for yourself, and you often sacrifice
much in the area of personal relationships and home life in
order to do so.

You have a thoughtful, quiet, and self-contained disposition

and do not readily show your inner feelings and needs. You seem
to be always in control, capable, efficient, and strong. You are
often the person in the family or group who is given more
responsibility (and more work) than the others. You are highly
conscientious and even as a child you possessed great maturity,
soberness, and worldly wisdom.

You are basically a pragmatic realist, and though you may
have all sorts of dreams, ideals and colorful theories, you feel
that the ultimate test of a concept is its practical usefulness.
You have an innate shrewdness and business sense, and there is a
bit of the cynic in you as well.

You are clear-headed, detached and objective, and are not
swayed by emotional dramatics. Often you are authoritarian
-strictly fair, but without mercy. You have a great respect for
tradition and even if you do not agree with certain laws, you
will abide by them or work to change them, but never flagrantly
disregard them. Careful and conservative, you play by the rules.

You are subtle, understated, quiet, deep, not easy to know
intimately, and never superficial. You are a modest person and
sometimes overly self-critical. Giving yourself (and others)
permission to feel, to play, to be spontaneous and silly, and to
be weak and vulnerable sometimes, isn't easy for you.

Your strong points are your depth and thoroughness,
patience, tenacity, and faithfulness. Your faults are a tendency
to be rigid and inflexible, and too serious.

You have a clear sense of yourself and therefore convey a
strong impression to others of who you are and what you want.
Assertive and self-motivated, you can be a leader - one whom
others look to for direction - but you compete and often clash
with other strong individuals. You feel a need to be in control
of your own life and you can be too self-involved, too immersed
in your own interests, and oblivious to others at times.

You have big aspirations and the desire to succeed in life
in a grand way. You tend to exaggerate, to promise more than is
possible, and to misjudge through being overly optimistic.
However, you never lose your hopes for the future. Restlessness
and discontent with responsibilities and limitations in life can
be troublesome for you.

You are very receptive and sensitive but have a tendency to
over-idealize, making your approach to love, romance or marriage
somewhat unrealistic. You also tend to be a bit absent-minded
and naive, leaving yourself open for being taken, swindled or
lied to.

Astrological influences analyzed in Chapter 3:
Ascendant in Capricorn and Sun in Capricorn
Sun in Capricorn
Sun in 1st house
Sun Square Jupiter
Sun Conjunct Mercury/Neptune

Chapter 4: Mental Interests and Abilities

You are a progressive thinker, open and receptive to new
technologies and breakthroughs in science, and the latest
discoveries in any field. You have high expectations and a deep
belief that mankind's problems can be solved through the use of
our creative intelligence and inventive mind. You have no
patience for those whose conservative, unimaginative outlook
limits their capacity to find solutions and envision a better
future. You also like to keep abreast of current developments in
world affairs, for you instinctively know that what happens in
one part of the world affects everyone. You have a strong
humanitarian impulse. Practically speaking, you have an aptitude
for organization and enjoy being involved in cooperative
endeavors or businesses that are contemporary and innovative.

You are quite verbal and communicative and eager to get
your own ideas and opinions across to others. You say what is on
your mind. Others see you as a lively, intelligent person, and
perhaps something of a chatterbox at times.

You are not interested in subjects that are wholly abstract
or technical. There must be a personal, human element to evoke
your interest. Your interest is people and their inner
motivations, feelings, personal lives, and experiences. You are
a natural listener with a talent for getting others to talk
about their lives, dreams, desires - the things that are
personally meaningful to them. You could also be an excellent
writer, reporter, or biographer.

You have a particular interest in the past. You are
concerned either with personal history (childhood and early
family experiences, genealogy, etc.) or with the roots and
origins of societies (archeology, mythology, history, etc.).

You are nostalgic and love to hear others' life stories and
to discuss your own experiences and feelings. You like to read
biographies and memoirs, and probably keep a diary or journal
yourself. You also have the ability to be a successful public

Your desire to make a point sometimes overrides your
receptivity to others' views. You can be a good listener but
often it is hard for you not to speak out.

You have a sharp tongue and ready wit, and you enjoy
intellectual competition, problem solving, and demanding
intellectual work. In a debate, you know how to drive your point
home. You also possess quick reflexes and dexterity and could be
an excellent tennis or racquetball player. Any sport which
involves a dynamic exchange between the players is a suitable
arena for you.

Astrological influences analyzed in Chapter 4:
Mercury in Aquarius
Mercury in 1st house
Moon Square Mercury
Mercury aspects Moon and Mars
Mercury Sextile Mars

Chapter 5: Emotions: Moods, Feelings, Romance

Secretive and inclined to brooding silences, it is difficult
for others to really know your inner core, for you trust and
open yourself to very few. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable
and to relinquish control in relationships is not easy for you.

You have intense, passionate loves and hates and are a
jealously loyal and protective friend - or a fearsome foe. You
have a nasty habit of holding on to past hurts, resentments, and
guilt - and to keep such feelings to yourself. It is important
for you to learn to forgive and let go, as well as to express
your feelings openly and directly, rather than hiding or
repressing them.

You are not content with superficial appearances and are
always probing beneath the surface of things for hidden motives.
You have a great deal of emotional depth.

You work well with the public and have an instinct for what
the public wants and will respond to. Having a "nest" is not
especially important to you, and you may invest more of your
emotional energy into your career or public life than in your
private life. Providing for and caring for others in a
professional capacity is very likely.

You tend to surround yourself with people who are gentle,
sensitive, peace-loving, and artistically or spiritually
inclined, and there is a strong element of mutual compassion and
sympathy in your personal relationships. It is easy for you to
tune in psychically to other people's feelings and emotional
worlds. You may share this type of telepathic link with your
mother, sisters, or female friends in particular.

Your emotions are very intense, but often hidden. Like a
volcano, one minute you seem quite peaceful and the next you are
exploding with great force and unexpected fury. The intensity of
your reactions often surprises even you. You have tremendous
zeal and tend to be an emotional fanatic about things you care
about. Your feelings and desires can be so compelling that you
do things against your better judgment and reason. You can also
be very manipulative, in a subtle way. Your personal
relationships are deeply emotional, passionate, and often stormy
and painful as well.

You are open and unconventional in your attitude towards
love, romance, and sex. You enjoy socializing, bringing people
together, and having many friends of both sexes. You value
friendship very highly and are, in fact, more comfortable being
a friend than a lover. You desire an intellectual rapport or
spiritual bond with your love partner, but deep intimacy and
emotional bonding do not come easily to you. The role of
"husband" or "wife" in the traditional sense doesn't appeal to
you, and you abhor jealousy and possessiveness since you feel
that no person truly "belongs" to another. You appreciate a love
partner who will allow you plenty of freedom and is not very
emotionally demanding.

For you, caring and affection must be expressed tangibly,
and you love giving and receiving gifts. You value luxury,

comfort, and elegance very highly and appreciate beautiful
things. You can be self-indulgent and extravagant. Being overly
possessive of people you love and of your belongings is
something you need to beware of.

In love and romance, it's important for you to be able to
deeply respect your partner. You look beyond the superficial
qualities to see their inner worth (or lack thereof), before you
let yourself really fall for someone. In fact, too much glamour
or flashiness is something of a turn-off to you. You are capable
of a mature, lasting loving relationship and seek a mate who is
deep, loyal, and committed. You may be drawn to someone older
than yourself.

When it comes to love, you are apt to feel pulled in several
directions at once. In addition to your desire for depth and for
security in your relationships, you have an impulsive side and
need a lot of variety and excitement, as discussed in the
following paragraphs. These urges do not have to conflict, but
they certainly can, especially if you act on your spontaneous
impulses without much consideration for their long-term effects
on your personal life.

You need a lot of emotional and romantic stimulation, and
may not be very interested in having just one mate or love
partner. Variety, excitement, spontaneity, and freedom are quite
important to you, and "settling down" isn't that appealing. You
tend to surround yourself with unusual, creative, unconventional
people that keep your life lively. Music or dancing or both play
an important part in your life.

Astrological influences analyzed in Chapter 5:
Moon in Scorpio
Moon in 10th house
Moon Sextile Neptune
Moon Conjunct Pluto
Venus in Aquarius
Venus in 2nd house
Venus Sextile Saturn
Venus aspects Saturn and Uranus
Venus Sextile Uranus

Chapter 6: Drive and Ambition: How You Achieve Your Goals

You are aspiring, enterprising, and forever following some
bright and distant star, planning some new venture or
investigating new potentials. You are definitely "upwardly
mobile" in either a material or spiritual sense (or both). You
aim high and are not content simply with a quiet, secure
existence. You like to stretch your limits, to see how far you
can go, and to take risks. You are a positive thinker, expect
success for yourself, and are philosophical about failures. You
are flexible and bounce back from disappointment rather quickly,
usually with another hopeful new idea you want to try. Your
enthusiasm and confidence are contagious and enable you to
enlist the aid and support you need for your projects. However,
you sometimes promise more than you can actually achieve,
because you are overly optimistic or pay insufficient attention

to the practicalities involved.

You also tend to get distracted and to have too many things
going at once. Although it is very difficult for you, there are
times when you simply must develop commitment, perseverance, and
persistence in order to make your dreams and goals a concrete
reality. Too often you fall short of what you could attain
because you are unwilling to persist through the difficult or
less exciting times.

You also enjoy competition and usually do not take it too
seriously. Sports and entrepreneurial endeavors are good ways to
channel your energy.

You are a team player and work well in collaboration with
others who share your goals, ideals, and intentions. You can
coordinate group efforts and inspire people to work toward a
shared goal.

Team sports are also a lot of fun for you, and you could be
a leader, coach, or director of any group endeavor.

You seem to lack determination and have a sense of
inferiority. You tend to think negatively about yourself and are
inclined to downgrade yourself. But you have strong
self-control, accept hardship well and have the desire to
overcome your difficulties.

Your self-control tends to be a bit weak and you seem to
crave excitement. You are subject to sudden changes and seek
emotional freedom. Your wants and needs tend to be different
than those around you and others may think you are crazy because
of your impulsive actions.

You tend to be a bit ruthless and may think that you have to
fight for your existence. You may feel that something gets in
your way every time you try to make a move. Constantly in a
tense and frustrated state, you have to guard against violent

Eccentric, individualistic and very excitable, you can
create a stir wherever you go. If you are not careful, you could
often find yourself involved in quarrels or even violent
assaults. To avoid trouble, it would be wise for you to learn to
deal with others without anger.

You are apt to receive much publicity and popularity
through your professional pursuits, for you have a way of
winning the hearts and trust of many people. You have an
instinct for what the masses of people will respond to
emotionally, and this feeling-sense of what other people want
enables you to succeed in sales, promotion, and so on. Your
career could also involve protecting and caring for people,
nurturing, "mothering" others in some capacity.

You have an extraordinary drive for power and influence in
the world, which can be used for good or ill, for your own
personal aggrandizement or for achieving some wider aim.

You could be a channel for healing, transforming,

revivifying energies in society or in individuals. Your work
will involve stimulating deep, fundamental changes and bringing
to light hidden, taboo, repressed, or secret information and

To achieve your long-range goals and ambitions, the process
must be interesting and mentally stimulating, as you get bored
with work that isn't challenging intellectually. You need
variety and social stimulation as well. One problem you may have
is saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or to the wrong
person. You need to watch your words. Your tongue or even your
sense of humor can get you in trouble with superiors at times.

You have two different career paths which appeal to you,
and which may at some point be blended. The first has to do with
the arts, entertainment, film, or music industry. The other is
an involvement in the ministry, social betterment, charity or
volunteer work. You have a high degree of sensitivity and this
compassion is apt to be a key factor in your professional
decisions and overall goals in life.

Astrological influences analyzed in Chapter 6:
Mars in Sagittarius
Mars in 11th house
Mars Conjunct Moon/Saturn
Mars Conjunct Moon/Uranus
Mars Conjunct Saturn/Pluto
Mars Conjunct Uranus/MC
MC Conjunct Moon
MC Conjunct Pluto
Mercury Square MC
Neptune Sextile MC

Chapter 7: Growth and Expansion: Areas That You Enjoy

You believe strongly in the power of positivity and in each
individual's ability to make life anything desired through one's
own initiative and effort. The more you rely on yourself, the
better you feel, and you find it difficult to ask for or accept
outside help. The joy of competing (and especially winning!)
runs deep in you.

You have a great love of learning and an eager, curious,
active mind which impels you to travel and see as much of the
world as possible. You read widely, and may excel academically.
You love being in a teacher-student relationship and may stay in
school for many years, prolonging your studies for as long as
possible! You also communicate well and would be an effective,
inspiring teacher.

Public relations or any field involving communications and
sharing information also suits you very well.

Astrological influences analyzed in Chapter 7:
Jupiter in Aries
Jupiter in 3rd house

Chapter 8: Areas That Challenge You Or Are Difficult For You

You have a critical, cynical attitude towards many
religions and philosophies. Without realizing it, you prevent
yourself from appreciating new viewpoints and attitudes. You are
more rigid and dogmatic than you realize. Your approach may also
be too intellectual or moralistic. You take your own political
beliefs and spiritual philosophy very seriously, worrying and
fretting if you are not 100% clear about some ideology or

You may have nebulous but ever-present guilts and fears
that are difficult to pinpoint or eradicate. It's as if you
don't trust Life itself, and are always seeking ways to defend
yourself from its dangers and its unknowns. You must learn to
overcome your ingrained habit of discouragement and anxiety, and
to see the world more as a friendly place than as a treacherous

You are serious and sincere about your interests, you do not
accept superficial answers, and you are not easily placated. You
want to bring your inspirations into concrete reality, and you
don't mind upsetting some apple carts if necessary. You become
impatient with others for being hesitant to implement new ideas
and take action, and your occasional outbreaks of brusque,
insensitive behavior often do more harm than good.

Your vitality tends to be a bit low and you may have to
fight against the tendency to be inactive. Easily discouraged,
you are inclined toward pessimism. Perhaps your upbringing was
too authoritative, causing problems with your father.

Now we will discuss patterns of behavior which you
instinctively and habitually revert to when under stress - a
mostly unconscious process and one which you are apt to overdo
because it is so familiar and thus easy for you. The direction
you need to follow in order to develop balance, greater
awareness, and wholeness is also described.

Cultivating the qualities of empathy, gentleness, and
compassion will help counterbalance your deeply ingrained
perfectionism and critical nature. When under stress, you are
apt to try to rigorously analyze and to focus on what needs to
be corrected or improved, and you can easily become
problem-oriented, losing sight of the big picture and of what is

Learn to relax and surrender to the flow of events without
having to figure everything out all the time. Let your feelings
and intuitions flow more freely, be more flexible and fluid, use
your imagination and let your dreams emerge!

The arena you are most likely to wrestle with these issues
is in your dealings with money, financial security, tangible
assets and possessions. The qualities described above are ones
you need to integrate in tangible ways: how you make a living,
building assets and a secure material base, what you do with the
resources you have. Try to avoid over involvement or

entanglements with other people's money matters, legal business,
and personal affairs.

Astrological influences analyzed in Chapter 8:
Saturn in Sagittarius
Saturn in 12th house
Saturn Conjunct Uranus
Saturn Conjunct Sun/Mars
N. Node in Pisces
N. Node in 2nd house

Chapter 9: Originality and Imagination
Areas Where You Are Creative, Unique, Unstable, or Compulsive

Most people do not see your wild, daring, "crazy" side, and
you yourself may be unaware of it! You tend to hold back the
unconventional, inventive, impulsive side of you nature - or to
live it out only in your private fantasies. You may have strange

Compassionate and extremely sensitive to the emotional
tones in the atmosphere surrounding you, you are naturally
"psychic" or able to sense and understand much about a person
without talking to them or knowing them consciously at all. You
are deeply interested in the hidden realms of life and the
afterlife. Your powerful sensitivity may also remain latent or
repressed through much of your life and then be fully awakened
in adulthood.

You have a powerful sense of destiny and may be unusually,
even ruthlessly, ambitious. There is a very driven, compulsive
quality to the way you pursue your career or other important
life goals, which is likely to win you both staunch admirers and
vigorous opponents.

There is a very "radical" side to you, and you may want to
remake or change the world in some significant way. Depending on
other astrological factors in your chart and your own decisions,
you can be either very destructive or a powerful force for
healing and positive change in the world.

You tend to act impulsively and hastily and could make rash
decisions that may have unexpected consequences. You do your
work in a state of excitement and are prone to overtax your
strength. It is important that you learn to recognize your

You tend to underestimate your ability to succeed and are
often unable to follow through on your intentions. You are quick
to resign, easily drained and should guard against depression
and negative mental, emotional or physical reactions.

You tend to have less freedom of movement than other people
because of the pressure and need to get things done in your
surroundings. Not very assertive in protecting your own
interests, you may attract people who take advantage of you.

You respond quickly to people around you, but may find

yourself emotionally drained frequently by contacts with
restless people in your environment. Some of your relationships
also could turn out to be disappointing because of deceptive

Astrological influences analyzed in Chapter 9:
Uranus in 12th house
Neptune in 12th house
Pluto in 10th house
Uranus Conjunct Sun/Mars
Neptune Conjunct Sun/Saturn
Neptune Conjunct Saturn/Asc.
Neptune Conjunct Uranus/Asc.

Chapter 10: Generational Influences: Your Age Group

In this chapter we will discuss characteristics and traits
of your generation. Of course, you may not share all of the
characteristics of your generation, but you are greatly affected
by the tone that is set by your generation.

The first topic is "The Subconscious and Emotional Drive of
Your Age Group". In this section we will describe a deeply felt
urge, even compulsion, of your age group. This deeply felt drive
comes to the surface with great force and power, and
consequently leaves in its wake considerable upheaval and
change. The second topic is "The Ideals and Illusions of Your
Age Group", that describes the dreams, fantasies, and spiritual
aspirations of your age group. The third and last topic is "What
is New and Different in Your Age Group", which describes areas
in which your age group tends to be innovative, inventive,
unusual, and also where it may be unstable and unreliable.

The characteristics described below may affect a group of
people for anywhere from a few years to about 30 years. There
are one or more different astrological factors described in each
of the three sections below.

The Subconscious and Emotional Drive of Your Age Group

You are part of a 12 year group of people who have a complex
and deep emotional side. Your age group has a great fascination
for the mysteries of life, and members of your age group will
make extraordinary breakthroughs in the understanding of life
processes; major advances in biological sciences will open up
new technological possibilities. Intensive probing into genetic
structure and cellular processes will accelerate genetic
engineering into new vistas. Your generation also probes the
mysteries of birth and death, and members of your age group will
even develop laboratories for forging new understanding of what
happens at birth and death. Other breakthroughs will be made in
the understanding of animal behavior and sexual activity.
Archeological studies will unearth vast new insights into the
history of man, and the exploration of the ocean will receive a
new impetus, spurred by unusual and interesting findings made at
the bottom of the sea.

Behind all of this work is the deep, probing, penetrating

interest in the mysterious. There is a deep fascination with
sex, power, and the occult as well. Hypnosis, karate, and other
mental and physical training techniques are likely to be very
popular with your age group. The love of mystery is also likely
to bring a revival of mystery novels and movies; your age group
will bring the macabre into current fashion and style.

You are an emotionally complex group, and you can be prone
to some very strange behavior. Intrigue and mystery are exciting
to your age group, and hopefully this does not get the better of
you, causing you to act in a cruel or grotesque manner. There is
a chance that crime, violence, and emotional disturbance will be
relatively high in your age group, but hopefully your interest
in the mysterious, strange, grotesque, and macabre will not
manifest in this way.

The Ideals and Illusions of Your Age Group

You are part of a 14 year group of people who are
conservative and traditional in spiritual aspirations and
religious outlook. Your age group returns to some traditional
basics in religion, and also traditional styles in music and
art. Classical music and literature have a revival with your age
group, and a great deal of inspiration is gained from the
masters of arts, music, literature, and philosophy throughout
history. Your age group is contemplative and reflective about
religious matters and you take an objective and logical approach
to religious issues. Many of you are cynics and critics of
spiritual and metaphysical ideas.

Other age groups criticize your group for not having enough
heart and compassion. Sometimes this is true and is evidenced by
some unusually crafty and manipulative fraud and deception that
occurs in the higher ranks of governments and large businesses.

What is New and Different in Your Age Group

You are part of a 7 year group of people who are extremely
enterprising and forward-looking. You are optimists and
explorers. Your age group shoots for the stars, figuratively and
literally. Space exploration takes on new dimensions as your age
group pushes fervently to the next frontier. There is a buoyant
and youthful optimism and enthusiasm in your group, and you have
your share of great discoveries as well as pipe dreams and
disillusionment. The discoveries and contributions, however, are
many, and more than compensate for the failures.

Astrological influences analyzed in Chapter 10:
Pluto in Scorpio
Neptune in Capricorn
Uranus in Sagittarius


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