Jun. 9th, 2006

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Okay, Sarah's party at the church last night was...insane. But all in all, Baptist kids are pretty tame.

I didn't really get involved until Spoons started. I was up to SPO but we didn't play enough rounds for anyone to actually lose. I was vicious in reaching for those suckers! I actually clawed a few people. And I cheat amazingly! Angie taught me to just watch the suckers (spoons) so that when I see someone else grab it I can dive in too, but when I'm the dealer I cheat fabulously by looking at the four cards I deal everyone. For example, I had two sevens in my hand and knew that I didn't deal sevens to anyone else. So since I got first pick at the deck when it went around, I had the four of a kind needed to grab a sucker first and not lose. XD I suppose if you had a better memory you could also figure out when someone else was going to get their four of a kind but you'd have to know what cards they were planning on keeping and everything...Bleh.

I also managed to move in a bit closer to the suckers because "I have short arms and big boobs!" The joke was that everyone was going to start using that (including one of the guys XD) and I sincerely hope that they do. I'd love to be responsible for this new excuse. In fact, readers of my journal, feel free to use it. XD

Before that though, I was pretty withdrawn...in fact, I was trying to hide. XD They had a scavenger hunt for Sarah to find her gifts (a new pair of boots [OHGODI'MINTHECOUNTRYXDD] and a pinata). And then it was pinata beating time...I kept away because I didn't want to have to hit it and I only grabbed a few packages of sweetarts. XDD

But after that, I had lots of fun...even when Angie and Thomas (I think that's how it's spelled) aka Mr. Tumnus, according to Sarah, started popping balloons. I was like, "AH!!...AHH!!...AHHH!" Angie was like, "Jasmine, sit down, you're gonna give me a heart attack." Eheheh...

I also got to do my "How Girls Ask Out Boys They Like Without Asking Them Out" thing which basically goes like this:

Jasie (with girly voice): So, like, are you going to come to the party tomorrow?
Jasie (with deep voice): I dunno, SHOULD I come to the party?
Jasie (with girly voice): I dunno, do you want to come?
Jasie (with deep voice): I dunno, do you want me to come?
Jasie (with girly voice): I dunno, do you want me to want you to come?

....okay, now I'm just going to start babbling so I'll try and find someone on MSN or AIM. BE THERE, BITCHES.


dial L for LUNA: Hellooo :D
SuspiciousSula: Hi
dial L for LUNA: :DDD
dial L for LUNA: How are you?
SuspiciousSula: Good why u smiling
dial L for LUNA: I'm happy~
SuspiciousSula: Why?
dial L for LUNA: Sarah's church party was last night and I went :o
SuspiciousSula: No
SuspiciousSula: Seriously
dial L for LUNA: Seriously!


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