Aug. 25th, 2006

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Okay, so, my day started with Kim coming into my room to wake me up because my mother was here. Which pissed my mother off because she specifically said, "Don't wake them up."

Kim follows directions well.

I then spent the rest of the day picking up heavy boxes, moving them to the truck, and then taking them out of the truck and moving them into our new house, and unpacking a couple of them. And then I came back, where all hell broke loose, because despite my saying for the past week or so, "We're not leaving until September 6th" my grandmother got it in her head that we were leaving today, and was being a bitch about the fact that we weren't (despite the fact that a week earlier she was telling me that I need to ask my mother to let me stay longer and both of them tell me daily that I need to stay here and not move up to Sherman).

My aunt, the nosy bitch, went through all of our stuff (if we went through HER stuff she'd throw a fit you know) and moved and packed a lot of it, and of course, since I wasn't here to say, "No, don't touch that, wait I use that," et cetera, et cetera, I then got to spend the stress filled time after my mother left fixing all of her mistakes. I'm here for like, five minutes, and then Kim comes in here having me do all this shit for her and finally I'm like, "I AM SO SICK OF DOING THINGS. CAN'T I JUST HAVE AN HOUR OF PEACE?"

And I swear to God that bitch got out a stopwatch and timed her next "chore" to the damned second!

GOD and now she's bitching about how I need to be asleep so I can help her clean the house tomorrow morning (I'm not going to just magically fall asleep because you command it!). Did I even say I wanted to, or that I was willing? I'm sorry, but I'm not the one going around messing it up, and I don't feel especially inclined to clean a house I'm not even wanted in anyway. And it's not even her house. I have half a mind to throw a bucket of mop water in her face tomorrow, and I'm not even kidding. My arms hurt so bad from lifting those boxes, just like when I loaded them up to go to Fort Jesus.

Is it wrong to hit a person who is technically a medical miracle, has suffered everything from brain tumors to their intestines being on the outside of their body, and also has to live with my grandmother, who is insane?

...I don't think so, right? :DDDD


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