Aug. 14th, 2006 09:31 pm
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Cursive FINALLY wrote a song about gay sex!!
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I hate you.

I'm going to throw up and I hate you.

I wish my hate was a curse. Until you do right by me. That was always my favourite part, right?

Until you do right by me everything you think about is gonna crumble.

I want my hatred to follow you around, and I want everyone to see it. I want everyone to look at you and see what you did to me. I want them to never look at you again afterwards. I want it to be a thick black cloud of smoke that will never leave you alone. I want you to suffer every single moment that I have suffered, because as much as you'd like me to think that you've suffered, you ain't suffered nothing. You have only felt the pain of your own stupidity, and I have had to feel it twice, three times over.

You think you've had bad days?

I'm going to give you bad days.

Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail.
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Okay, Sarah's party at the church last night was...insane. But all in all, Baptist kids are pretty tame.

I didn't really get involved until Spoons started. I was up to SPO but we didn't play enough rounds for anyone to actually lose. I was vicious in reaching for those suckers! I actually clawed a few people. And I cheat amazingly! Angie taught me to just watch the suckers (spoons) so that when I see someone else grab it I can dive in too, but when I'm the dealer I cheat fabulously by looking at the four cards I deal everyone. For example, I had two sevens in my hand and knew that I didn't deal sevens to anyone else. So since I got first pick at the deck when it went around, I had the four of a kind needed to grab a sucker first and not lose. XD I suppose if you had a better memory you could also figure out when someone else was going to get their four of a kind but you'd have to know what cards they were planning on keeping and everything...Bleh.

I also managed to move in a bit closer to the suckers because "I have short arms and big boobs!" The joke was that everyone was going to start using that (including one of the guys XD) and I sincerely hope that they do. I'd love to be responsible for this new excuse. In fact, readers of my journal, feel free to use it. XD

Before that though, I was pretty withdrawn...in fact, I was trying to hide. XD They had a scavenger hunt for Sarah to find her gifts (a new pair of boots [OHGODI'MINTHECOUNTRYXDD] and a pinata). And then it was pinata beating time...I kept away because I didn't want to have to hit it and I only grabbed a few packages of sweetarts. XDD

But after that, I had lots of fun...even when Angie and Thomas (I think that's how it's spelled) aka Mr. Tumnus, according to Sarah, started popping balloons. I was like, "AH!!...AHH!!...AHHH!" Angie was like, "Jasmine, sit down, you're gonna give me a heart attack." Eheheh...

I also got to do my "How Girls Ask Out Boys They Like Without Asking Them Out" thing which basically goes like this:

Jasie (with girly voice): So, like, are you going to come to the party tomorrow?
Jasie (with deep voice): I dunno, SHOULD I come to the party?
Jasie (with girly voice): I dunno, do you want to come?
Jasie (with deep voice): I dunno, do you want me to come?
Jasie (with girly voice): I dunno, do you want me to want you to come?

....okay, now I'm just going to start babbling so I'll try and find someone on MSN or AIM. BE THERE, BITCHES.


dial L for LUNA: Hellooo :D
SuspiciousSula: Hi
dial L for LUNA: :DDD
dial L for LUNA: How are you?
SuspiciousSula: Good why u smiling
dial L for LUNA: I'm happy~
SuspiciousSula: Why?
dial L for LUNA: Sarah's church party was last night and I went :o
SuspiciousSula: No
SuspiciousSula: Seriously
dial L for LUNA: Seriously!
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1) Yes, I'm serious about becoming Catholic.
2) No, I probably won't become a nun.
3) Don't ask me about Steven.
4) Does anyone know what it is about me that makes people seem like they like me one minute, and then the next day they just...don't? This is a disturbing trend and if I can fix it, I'd like to...
5) Yes, I know I'm not dealing with this in a healthy way. It's my way.
6) I need music ;o;
7) The comments are off on this, not because I don't want you to say anything, but because I don't expect you will, so I'm just giving you an excuse. If you really want to say something there are about fifty billion ways to reach me.
8) This is kind of random, but I'm absolutely determined to go swimming this week.
9) Obviously, I'm never going to trust any of you again, so feel free to start lying to me, if you weren't already.
10) A Gentleman Caller by Cursive (I miss you J-Mew ;o;)

Your gentleman caller...
Well he's been calling on another.
He loves his forbidden fruit.
And as it dribbles down his chin
He cries, "Baby I've been drinking with some friends...
Now how 'bout a little kiss ?"

BAD boy!
Rub his nose in it...
What a mess.
And he's playing dumb.
Do do do do do do do do

I'm not looking a lover
All those lovers are liars
...I'd never lie to you.

You say you wanna get even?
Yeah you wanna get your bad man good?
Well, are you in the mood?

You BAD girl!
Does it feel good being bad?
And getting worse?
Do do do do do do do do

But in the morning,
On the sober dawn of Sunday,
You're not sure what you have done.
Who told you love was fleeting?
Sometimes men can be so misleading,
To take what they need from you.

Whatever you need to make you feel,
Like you've been the one behind the wheel,
The sunrise is just over that hill,
The worst is over.

Whatever I said to make you think,
That love's the religion of the weak...
This morning we love like weaklings.
The worst is over.

Do do do do do do do do
Do do do do do do do do
Do do do do do do do do

The worst is over.

Do do do do do do do do
Do do do do do do do do
Do do do do do do do do

The worst is over.


Jun. 3rd, 2006 10:07 am
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My aunt has tumors in her brain.

ANOTHER EDIT: If anyone has anything they'd like to say, anything they thought would hurt my feelings or that I wouldn't want to hear...anything like that...go ahead! Apparently, that's what today is for. Get in now before the shock wears off! :D


Mar. 29th, 2006 01:04 am
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Jasie has finally gotten a dog! She's an adorable two year old pomeranian named Precious. She came with the name, but it's okay because...she's SO precious! When you pick her up, the first thing you say is, "Hello Precious!"

She's small and cute and fluffy and loving ;o; She's sleeping next to my leg now, and expect waaay too many pictures later. :DDDDD
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from Molly Saves The Day
Why, say the anti-choice crowd, must you insist on calling us "anti-choice?" Why must you say we aren't adopting kids and don't care about children after they're born? We do! Really, we do!

That's what comes out of the woodwork every single time someone talks about the way the vast majority of "pro-life" people ignore child poverty, maternal leave policies, and adoption. The very few who actually do adopt come out of the ether to say "but we adopted a non-white kid, come on, how can you say pro-life people don't care?"

This is how.

Page says she has noticed, too, that some anti-choice groups tend not only to oppose birth control, they also oppose child care. In her book she points to some troubling statistics and anecdotes: Ninety percent of senators who opposed the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act are anti-choice; in the 2004 Children's Defense Fund ranking of the legislators best and worst for children, the 113 worst senators and Congress members are all anti-choice; Web sites like Lifesite and that of the Illinois Right to Life Committee post reports linking child care and aggression; Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America stress the damage that day care can have on a child. (Most of their information comes from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's Early Child Care Report, which has been debunked again and again and again.) "The trifecta is ban contraception, ban abortion, make child care impossible," says Page.

The 113 congresspeople with the worst records for taking care of children? Anti-choice. The people opposing letting women take time off to be with their newborns or sick children? Anti-choice.

Only a handful of Congress members have adopted children (less than 10, by my count), and they are evenly split between pro-choice and anti-choice members. So far as I have seen, no anti-choice people who were able to have children of their own chose to adopt instead, and no Congress members have more than two adopted children in spite of their six-figure salaries and lavish expense accounts.

So if you're anti-choice and wondering why everyone's saying you don't care about anyone who's already been born, look at the people representing your viewpoints at the national level. Realize that you are the exception, and not the rule, and that no group should ever be judged by its most exceptional members.
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Kimli Pan: I loathe your existence and plan to abolish it. XD
dial L for LUNA: <333333 I love you too darling.
Kimli Pan: Pleasant dreams! <3
dial L for LUNA: :D! Thanks! Have a good day. :D
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[copied and pasted from my old journal XD]

when i was low: Me:

I would be overly surprised if he wasn't an animagus. The question is of course, what his animal would be.

Phoenix is the obvious answer, as he seems mildly obsessive about them (Dumbledore the Rabid Fawkes Fanboy? Oh dear, I bet there's fanfiction there...) but I think that's just too obvious.

Being Dumbledore, I think he'd have to have something that no one would guess.

He's a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.
Stretchy Buyo: XD!
Stretchy Buyo: dumbledore/fawkes probably exists, yes
Stretchy Buyo: Broken up because Fawkes engaged in a torrid afair with Buckbeak.
when i was low: XD!! OMG.
Stretchy Buyo: XD
when i was low: *starts writing*

Dumbledore Style, Bitch by Mimiko

There was once a time when all I saw in that mirror was socks. And that was the best time of my life.

Because now I see you Fawkes. I see the days when we were still together, and those days have not disappeared. Some days I see that slut Buckbeak, the look in his eyes when you'll tell him you're returning to me.

But it doesn't happen.

You used me, you wild bird of firey passion, and then you left me for a hippogriff.

Some days I wonder what would have happened if I didn't save his life. Would you and I still be together Fawkes? Would we still have firey phoenix love?

I miss your feathers. McGonagall's fur isn't the same down there.

Men have wasted their lives away in front of the mirror. I wonder what you would see?

Still, if I can tear myself away, it's Hippogriff stir-fry for dinner tonight, and you're going back in a cage for some discipline.

Dumbledore style, bitch.

Someone...help me...can't...quit...laughing..


Jun. 5th, 2005 10:25 am
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Reasons Why A-Kon Was Fun

  • I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] madbunni! :D
  • I bought a cute hat.
  • NEW! Just remembered - got to squeeze Inez's boobies. Multiple times.

Reasons Why A-Kon Sucked

  • Rissa talked me into spending the rest of my money on a hat, even though I didn't want to, thus leaving me broke.
  • My feet were hurting before I even got out of the car.
  • My purse was too heavy.
  • Karen ([livejournal.com profile] forsaken_lies) never answered her phone.
  • Karen wouldn't call us back.
  • I didn't get to meet any of the rest of my friends, except Maurice.
  • Maurice wasn't happy to see me.
  • Rissa went on and on for weeks about how she was going to buy me something.
  • She didn't. Never trusting her again.
  • Rissa made me feel like shit for wanting a bottle of Ramune.
  • My feet began to hurt so much I wanted to cut them off.
  • No one really cared.
  • I nearly broke down crying.
  • I had to walk back out to Susan's car to get the rest of my luggage.
  • Rissa led us on a wild goose chase for the car.
  • My feet hurt.
  • Rissa blamed me.
  • Learned that my best friend is an insensitive, selfish, lying whore.
  • I would have had to carry four overflowing heavy bags, all by myself, if Rissa's sister, and her friend wouldn't have had the decency to offer to help me.
  • Rissa didn't offer.
  • And Rissa had no bags.
  • Carried my four overflowing heavy bags across the street.
  • No one said goodbye to me.

Therefore, A-Kon 16 was EVEN MORE OF A SUCKFEST than A-Kon 15, and A-Kon 14, only this time, no one threw a keychain at my head (thanks Mandii :D). So I truly wonder why I even bother going anymore.

And I want my money back.

Upon remembering the greatness of Neehsako's boobs, I've changed my mind. A-Kon 16: SUCCESS.
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DC - 'You've hit the phoenix with a harpoon. It looks pissed.' says:
It's 2 in the afternoon here, and I'm feeling all kinds of amazed you're so far behind us. :P
[CHARA] Electric Lady Land (I'm your lady machine!) says:
[CHARA] Electric Lady Land (I'm your lady machine!) says:
So says the one who isn't having an orgy in Sanrio today.
[CHARA] Electric Lady Land (I'm your lady machine!) says:
When you involve Hello Kitty in public acts of lesbian love, you can be as far behind as you want.
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so deep we sunk: My nipples could slice bread right now. *pokes them*
I Support Yuri: ......
I Support Yuri: I love you XDDD
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